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If you feel that you have any information or talents to share with us at The Goose Page, PLEASE, do not hesitate to contact us. Contact email information is found at the bottom left hand corner of every page. 

This site is a collaborative effort between myself and colleagues depicting documentation of a small portion of our acquired motorbike knoweledge as well as a dedicated section to Buell & EBR motorcycles and their supporters. The site contains information regarding routes, motorbikes, gear, and other miscellaneous information, as well as some of our collective experiences and efforts as motorcyclists. Also  a feature, the Buell and EBR registry provides an interactive service connecting bikes and locations providing user and bike data & geocaching based off of forum contact. Together at TGP, blogs, reviews, videos, tools, and helpful links all at your fingertips.


Check out the entire site to get some insight into motorcycling in the among others, Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Northern West Virginia Tri-State area as well as in depth reviews of acessories, gear, and motorbikes.


Please be patient as the site is continually updated and changed. Most of the responsive information on places and gear have NOT been added to the site database yet. We apologize for any inconveniences. 


Ride Safe, See you in the wind.

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